years of experience
In lifting structure engineering in the port sector
Missions per year
In France and abroad

Modelling and calculation of stresses and strains

Identification of critical assemblies and components

For all lifting equipment from the port area
One of the strengths of Aquass is that it can model the stresses experienced by the various assemblies of your lifting equipment for different load cases and identify the 'critical' parts of the equipment.


    our speciality for over 25 years

    Since 1995, we have been assisting port companies to inspect and establish the strength and fatigue stresses of all types of lifting equipment, container or bulk gantry cranes, port cranes, casting cranes, reinforced safety devices (nuclear), overhead cranes, dart cranes, etc.


    Our engineers provide you with the guarantee of precise calculations and modelling to monitor your equipment. Our guiding principle is to meet the challenges of your teams' safety and the productivity of your handling activities.