#4 Defending shared progress, accessible to all 

Acting to strengthen equality, insertion, inclusion and professional development within the Apave Group

To be sustainable, progress must be as equitable and inclusive as possible. As a service company, Apave works for greater inclusion, good living together and solidarity within the collective, so that every employee can develop with commitment and pride.

Our objectives

To build a sustainable future, we draw on the expertise and diversity of our teams. We want to strengthen equality, integration and professional development for our employees within the Group. 

  • We are deploying action plans to accelerate the representation of women in managerial positions and in our professions 
  • increase the number of RQTH (disabled persons) recruits, in particular through a strengthened "Disability" policy. 
  • combat all forms of discrimination, 
  • develop work-study programs
  • train all employees in ethics and the fight against corruption

27% de femmes dans des fonctions d’encadrement

+20 heures de formation / an pour chaque collaborateur

90% déploiement de la formation « Éthique et Anti-Corruption »

" Sans confiance et sans sécurité, pas de transitions durables et réussies ! "