Aquass is the technical specialist in the field of ageing in the port sector, particularly on the specific subject of fatigue in port equipment. For all your construction projects, major maintenance, revamping, new or second-hand purchases, Aquass can help you with your lifting equipment.

Why choose



Full support

Experts in heavy lifting equipment, port, industrial, or other, Aquass masters the design, technology, risks and regulations.

Assistance for all phases of the equipment life cycle, from the analysis of the need to its dismantling.


The reference in terms of fatigue diagnosis

Aquass has been performing fatigue diagnostics on lifting equipment since the risk was first identified.

Our methodolgy for analysing and calculating residual service lift is unrivalled, enabling the durability of a machine to be controlled by optimised overhaul.


A relevant and pragmatic opinion

Aquass knows the problems of operators (availability, deadlines, costs, ...).

Our recommendations are technically relevant and pragmatic with regard to your constraints.