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Aquass has developed for you a real-time monitoring tool, a patented multi-purpose assistance equipment, to ensure the safety of your personnel, the integrity and proper functioning of your lifting and handling equipment! With Digilife solutions, you can continuously monitor your equipment.

Key issues for

safe construction

To anticipate technical, human and environmental risks and remain in compliance, Aquass secures the monitoring of your lifting equipment around 3 major axes:

  • Controlling technical risks by detecting incidents and resolving them as quickly as possible
  • Safety of people and property
  • Offer a better understanding of the behaviour and use of your equipment


Monitoring tools that have been designed to track various parameters throughout the life of the equipment and tools.

Digilife +

An exclusive new feature associated with Digilife that allows you to control the fatigue of your lifting equipment in a way that has never been done before.

Discover Digilife solutions

Digilife, patented digital monitoring solution for continuous monitoring of your lifting equipment


Continuous monitoring


The parameters with a single or major influence in the different risks concerning lifting equipment are the following:

Breakdown due to lack of resistance flèche vers la droite Abnormal peak load
Collapse by buckling flèche vers la droite Abnormal peak load
Deformation or even collapse through warping flèche vers la droite Abnormal peak load
Fatigue cracking and failure flèche vers la droite Spectrum factors, number of cycles and maximum abnormal loads


An overview of fatigue


Digilife allows :

  • Acquire relevant information from the device's own sensors
  • Process the information by calculating the parameters representative of the cumulative fatigue damage
  • To ensure the storage of the parameters
  • Keeping the last value in memory or delivering it remotely at a fixed frequency or on demand:

       - The level of ageing of structures and kinematic chains

       - The values of the parameters for calculating the fatigue rates


Recording of incidents


In the event of an incident Digilife will store the essential parameters for 5 seconds (before and after the incident) and retransmit them for recording.

List of some incidents that may trigger a recording:

  • Maximum cable voltage T1, T2 or (T1+T2) exceeded
  • Too large a difference between voltages (T1-T2)
  • Lifting fault
  • Steering fault
  • Anti-snag fault
  • Distribution fault 

Digilife +

Close supervision of structures


The main function of Digilife in terms of fatigue compares in real time the ageing of the machine as a whole and of its kinematic chains with the overall conventional ageing predicted by the manufacturer at the time of its design.

The ageing of the machine as a whole is essential, but to be even more relevant, attention must be paid to the ageing of each welded assembly making up the structure. This makes it possible to better target and anticipate controls.

DigilifePlus now allows the residual life of welded assemblies identified as critical to be processed, by the difference between their actual calculated maximum life and the life consumed according to the usual real time supervision.


New: 3D modelling of your equipment


Modelling, which is one of the specialities of Aquass, enables the extreme stresses and stress spectrum factor of each assembly to be defined for each cycle as a function of loading. Aquass can therefore calculate the fatigue damage generated by each cycle, for each assembly.

DigilifePlus incorporates the values of the residual life and fatigue rate calculation parameters for each monitored assembly from the post-processing of the modelling results.


Optimisation of the test plan


The knowledge of these residual lifetimes in real time and on demand allows DigilifePlus to optimise the structural inspection plan established by Aquass, and to improve its relevance to safety in particular, by taking into account the actual fatigue rate of each assembly identified as critical.

DigilifePlus thus becomes a structured structural maintenance management tool without equivalent, by establishing a reasonable and optimised control plan based on the analysis of the real risks attached to fatigue damage.

As insurers are increasingly sensitive to the conditions of organisation and rigour of maintenance operations, especially after damage, this type of approach is likely to reassure them.



Digilife was developed in collaboration with our partner AES (Automatisme Etudes Services).

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These customers who trust the Digilife solution:

  • ABB Sweden
  • ZPMC
  • DCNS Brest
  • Joseph Paris SA
  • REEL
  • PSDF - Port Sud de France

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Full support

Experts in heavy lifting equipment, port, industrial, or other, Aquass masters the design, technology, risks and regulations.

Assistance for all phases of the equipment life cycle, from the analysis of the need to its dismantling.


The reference in terms of fatigue diagnosis

Aquass has been performing fatigue diagnostics on lifting equipment since the risk was first identified.

Our methodolgy for analysing and calculating residual service lift is unrivalled, enabling the durability of a machine to be controlled by optimised overhaul.


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Aquass knows the problems of operators (availability, deadlines, costs, ...).

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